Taxation and economic growth in nigeria pdf

Taxation and economic growth in nigeria pdf TAXATION AND ECONOMIC GROWTH IN NIGERIA: AN EMPIRICAL ANALYSIS. Chapter 7 reports the results of exercises in growth accounting. 2 If tax cuts fail to produce the projected boost in economic growth, tax revenues could decline, putting upward pressure on the deficit, worsening levels of national saving, and leading to laggard economic growth in the future. . At this stage, however, there is little agreement about *Federal Reserve Board, Washington, D. 2 Statement of The Problem. 2 Objective of the study This study generally seeks to “identify the extent to which effective tax policies has brought about economic growth and development in Nigeria. Their results reveal that government total capital expenditure, totalThe work therefore intends to examine whether cross sectional economic growth is enough a viable tax policy in Nigeria. They used disaggregated analysis in an attempt to unravel the impact of government expenditure on economic growth. economic growth in Nigeria from the period ranging from 1970 to 2008. This research use a sample which consist of 27 EU members countries for the period 1998 to 2010. This is because the sector generates the highest amount of revenue to the federal, state and local governments in the country. download your complete project topics and materials with chapters 1 to 5. To capture this, time series data was culled from 2000-2014. C. There is a general lack of consensus among scholars on the contribution of tax revenue to the economic growth …impact on economic growth: the case of EU countries. into the sources of economic growth or the link between taxation and growth. 20551. It is in the light of the foregoing that this study examines the extent to which the tax system has contributed to economic growth of Nigeria. Jan 29, 2015 · Based on the analysis results it is evident that in effort to stimulate economic growth in OECD countries, economic-politic authorities should lower the corporate taxation and personal income taxes, and the loss of income tax revenues should be compensated by the growth of indirect tax …effects on economic growth. Keywords: Tax, Petroleum profit tax, economic growth, co-integration, Nigeria INTRODUCTION The petroleum sector is one of the most important sectors in Nigeria. 1. Consequently, tax systems of different countries include taxes accrued on the basis of simplified accounting, or using indirect methods of …The relationship between indirect taxation and economic growth has been examined severally by different researchers. Welcome! My name is Damaris. The aim of this research is to verify the expected negative relationship between corporate taxation and long-term economic growth. Few, ifany have examined this line of research in Nigeria. (Festus and Samuel, 2007). Chelliah (1989) observed that an increase in indirect taxation compared to direct taxation reduces economic growth more than …operation of SMEs, in Nigeria especially this issue of multiple taxation which is a worm eating deeply and the large chunk of revenues generated by these SMEs for their growth and survival. TAXATION AND ECONOMIC GROWTH IN NIGERIA: AN EMPIRICAL ANALYSIS. The Impact of Taxation on Revenue Generation in Nigeria: A study of Federal Capital Territory and Selected States 23 Research Centre for Management and Social Studies selected states in Nigeria and to identify the use of taxation to promote economic growth and development in FCT and in some selected states in Nigeria. The most important instrument by which resources are marshaled is through the implementation of an effective tax policy. These have led to increase in record of dearth of Small and Medium Scale Enterprise (SMEs). This is a method for evaluating the contribution of each of the growth components to total growth. While the specific objectives are as follows: I. It has been used to provide interesting insights into the extent to which countries have differed in theirIt goes further to examine whether tax revenues in the form of personal income tax, value added tax, corporate income tax, customs duty and excise duty affect the economic growth of Tanzania, measured with gross domestic product . resources to provide economic growth Taxation and economic growth in nigeria pdf
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